Science by Process for Middle School


Welcome to Science by Inquiry for Middle School. The goal of this site is to provide the educator (and others) with valuable insights on an alternative way to approaching science education: teaching students science though processes of learning rather than through content. In other words,  the focus is onon students learning how to "do" science or to understand how things are done in science rather than gaining a rote understanding of various conceptual things they "have to" learn or know. In invoking such an alternative method to science education, it is not the author’s intention to persuade the educator to follow suit by delving deep into literature to provide detailed convincing arguments. Rather, the author assumes that the user of this site is “already on board’ with using a framework-oriented approach to science or perhaps has been put off by more traditional approaches and is very open to exploring a different direction for science education.


More specifically, the site has been created with two main purposes in mind:

1. Provide the educator with ideas for implementing a process-based approach

2.      Provide the educator with resources in order to explore the initial ideas provided more as well as to gain further insights

Other Important Site Structures

A more detailed resource page has also been included in the tab titled “Other” to allow the user to learn more about any particular resource outlined briefly after a given framework.  As well, the reader is strongly encouraged to give feedback and dialogue on the resources provided. Here, the reader can rate the resources as well as read and write posts for each resource within an embedded environment.

In the final tab as well, the reader will find access to a  more general question and answer forum to address any other concerns or provide other useful comments. As well, information is provided on feasible assessment methods for this approach and a list of academic resources for further stimulating reading are given should reader desire to do so. Last, the author presents a more personal note as well that may interest the reader.   

Navigation Help

Two important bases have been established to organize the site’s material:


First, a number of useful learning frameworks have been mapped out (see below) and have been described in other web pages (ex. an inquiry framework). Such frameworks serve as helpful road maps to more conveniently facilitate student learning along a process-oriented approach.

Second, a number of learning mediums (ex. a knowledge platform medium) have been advocated for that serve as workable environments for students and teachers to tread more easily through any given framework.


In addition to these two critical bases, the author has provided the reader of the site with two other useful structures:

1. Mouseover light bulbs have been placed around each framework to provide the educator with more specific ideas.

2. A convenient list of resources (ex. textbooks, websites) have been outlined for further exploration.



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