Game and Virtual Reality

Game and Virtual Reality

Deeper learning rather than "schooling" is often the goal of such learning mediums that involve elements of "play" for the learner. Moreover, the learner is engaged in some stimulating environment to have fun while learning. Playing is argued by many to be an important driving component behind human thought and action throughout the life cycle (Elkind, David, 2007).  Thus, within a game or virtual reality environment, there may be a higher potential for deeper learning when school work is complemented by play, an equally powerful force.

Possible Strategies for Implementation

  • quest completion

  • virtual lab games

  • interactive chats

  • avatar-mediated communication

  • role play character creation and development

  • interactive reading

  • virtual world exploration



Resource Name

Resource Type


Quest Atlantis


Game / Virtual Reality


Second Life

(Linden Research)


Game / Virtual Reality





Game / Virtual Reality





Game / Virtual Reality


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