Understanding Learning Mediums

What is a Learning Medium?

Any learning approach requires an environment to breathe in.  By a learning medium, this author is referring to the -place- or -support apparatus- where specific concrete structures can be established to serve as points and directions for the learning to occur and in a proper fashion. A number of stimulating environments exist. Four are outlined below (and described briefly in later subsequent pages).

It is also of relevance to note the role of technology in establishing many of these mediums. Indeed as time progresses, various forms of technology are being perfected to serve as serve as scaffolding lattices for learning through the solving of problems and the creation of design projects and investigations. (get quote from group) They are also playing prominent roles in providing efficient ways for students and teachers to communicate. (get quote). And they have been shown to be effective in promoting reflective practice, another arguably important practice for the production and circulation of knowledge. (get quote from group)

Types Of Learning Mediums

  • Knowledge Platform- much of the learning occurs online through the reading and writing of posts

  • Multi-Platform- as with Knowledge platforms, technology serves to play a dominant role but is less definable. Often there are a variety of of other technologies employed

  • Blogs and Web Pages- as with a knowledge platform, learning is facilitated through the creation of posts but often such production plays a more minor role

  • Games and Virtual Reality- deeper learning rather than "schooling" is often the goal of such learning mediums that involve elements of "play" for the learner. Moreover, the learner is engaged in some stimulating environment to have fun while learning. Playing is argued by many to be an important driving component behind human thought and action throughout the life cycle (Elkind, David, 2007).  Thus, within a game or virtual reality environment, there may be a higher potential for deeper learning when school work is complemented by play, an equally powerful force.



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